2011 Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG Rips the Nürburgring

www.edmunds.com Various names have been thrown around for this ultra-exotic supercoupe, but for now we’re calling it the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG. It will replace the McLaren-built SLR coupe and roadster in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Whether it will carry the Mercedes name or arrive badged purely as an AMG only is still unclear. Since McLaren and Mercedes have parted ways, most of the development work on the SLC is being done by AMG with additional help from HWA, a racing company established by Hans Werner Aufrecht (HWA), one of the founding partners in AMG. HWA will most likely concentrate on the body and suspension, while AMG builds the engine. Although the upcoming Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series — another AMG project with HWA input — will use a twin-turbo V12, the SLC will most likely get a turbocharged V8 with similar horsepower. Given that the V12 in the SL65 Black Series produces 670 horsepower, figure around 700 hp at least for the SLC. A fortified version of Mercedes’ new MCT seven-speed automatic is the most likely transmission. Viper bodywork is being used to keep the size and styling of the SLC under wraps. It’s an effective tool, although it can’t hide the car’s long wheelbase and ultra-wide stance. According to Car magazine (which claims to have seen documents with the SLC’s measurements), the wheelbase stands at 106.3 inches while the overall length is 183 inches. In comparison, the latest SL63 AMG has a 100.8-inch wheelbase and is 181.3 inches long

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