GeigerCars Corvette Grand Sport

European buyers looking to get their hands on a Corvette ZR1 may find them in short supply. Fortunately, GeigerCars is there to save the day with the next best thing. The German tuner of American iron has taken a crack at the Corvette Grand Sport and boosted it to near-ZR1 levels of power and performance. Starting with the Grand Sport’s 6.2-liter LS3 V8, Geiger bolts on a supercharger to increase output from the stock 430 horsepower to a prodigious 588, helping the Geiger GS hit 60 un under four seconds. That may not be quite as powerful or quick as the ZR1′s supercar numbers, with its 638 horsepower and 3.3-second sprint, but it’s nothing to scoff at, either.

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