Hardtop IS! Lexus IS C First Drive by Edmunds’ Inside Line

FULL LEXUS IS C ARTICLE BY INSIDELINE.COM: www.edmunds.com A drive in the 2010 Lexus IS 350C hardtop convertible is like a weekend at some fancy golf resort, the kind you read about in that magazine you get when you’re flying business class. You know, the whole thing with a hotel that looks like a Tuscan villa, only it’s about the size of a convention center, and it’s got the ocean view, a pool that you could water-ski on, and of course the championship-grade golf course. When the top is down, sunlight floods the IS C’s cabin and you’re overcome with a sense of well-being, so different from the wretched life you lead locked away in the office during the week. When the top is up, you’re in a buttoned-up coupe, holding in your hands a finely crafted machine that can take you to a great steak dinner with effortless speed. All the while, you’ve got music, a navigation guide to the local sites and a temperature-controlled environment. Like an efficient staff at a resort hotel, the 2010 Lexus IS 350C brings you anything and everything you need, and neither a moment too soon nor too late. You’ve pretty much got everything going for you here that you’d find in a resort hotel, except for the cutesy soaps and that big, white terrycloth robe.

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