The New VW GTI @ 2008 Paris Motor Show

FOR FULL 2008 MOTOR SHOW COVERAGE, CHECK OUT: WOLFSBURG, Germany — Volkswagen will use the 2008 Paris Auto Show as a launch pad for its new sixth-generation 2010 Golf GTI. The new performance-based hatchback follows closely on the heels of the standard sixth-generation Golf, which is also due to get its first public debut in the French capital next week and then go on sale in Europe. Both cars are planned to go on sale simultaneously in North America in October 2009. The GTI is part of an intensive new-model thrust aimed at netting Volkswagen significant sales growth. The automaker’s ambitious 10-year business plan aims to achieve 800000 sales per year in the US by 2018. The Golf GTI to be revealed in Paris is described as a concept. Sources at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg headquarters tell Inside Line it is highly representative of the production version that is due to reach European showrooms next April. It’s an unwritten law among German carmakers that any car displayed more than six months prior to market introduction is billed as a concept — or studie, as Volkswagen prefers. Powering the latest incarnation of the GTI is VW’s new EA888 four-cylinder engine in turbocharged 2.0-liter form. Developed by Audi as part of a world engine program, the transversely mounted unit kicks out 210 horsepower, which is 10 hp more than the current GTI. Torque, however, remains the same, rising to a peak of 206 pound-feet at just 1800 rpm. As before, drive goes to the

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